Social media management.

JNELC have expanded our marketing consultancy service and offer social media marketing to our partners and other companies. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms that help companies to increase their sales, build their brand, connect with the right audience, hire the right candidates and increase company website traffic. In order to achieve that, JNELC will create engaging content on the social media profiles, analyse the results and run social media adverts.


“For some time now, our social media have been successfully and continuously managed by JNELC. With them we have a reliable and experienced partner in our industry to be presented not only successfully but also up to date at any times. ZIERER means fun for families and all ages, thus we have to continuously show rides with happy faces as well as stories to tell, which JNELC assists us to do so. A positive feedback from our customers and riders all over the world is the goal we could reach with JNELC’s support – we thanked them for all their work and efforts and the great partnership we share.”

– Marina Ernst-Weiderer, Zierer

“JNELC has challenged our team to take an even more structured approach to our communication on social media. All businesses have stories to tell, news to announce, and inspiring content to share. JNELC supports us in discovering our own stories and tailoring the communication to match our target audiences. So far, our partnership with JNELC has boosted the consistency of our SoMe presence and we are seeing great results from teaming up with a supplier that knows about the dynamics of our industry.”

- Christoffer W. Borup, COO of Mobaro