Sales Consultancy.

JNELC works together with its partners to offer high quality products and services to theme parks and attractions worldwide.

Our knowledge and experience helps us to understand clients’ values and needs so that together we can work on how to proceed in the best way with their projects.

Since founded in 2004, JNELC has been representing Zierer in 2007 followed by nWave in 2009. The office expanded in Asia with an office in Singapore in 2011 to cater to the South East Asian market. Over the years, HB Leisure, Mobaro and The Producers Group joined and partnered up with JNELC continuing to generate and track new leads for all partners. The main focus is on Europe, Asia and Middle East as those regions are the areas of experience and expertise for the company.

Project Consultancy.

With an extensive knowledge on the development of projects in a variety of cultures and circumstances, especially in the initial stages of a new project, JNELC can assist in guiding a project through these first steps.

Projects have ranged from attraction selection consultancy, procurement advise, preliminary feasibility studies to project management of stand-alone observation wheels.

JNELC can also be helpful in the selection of specialists for certain specific tasks as well as the further selection of qualified suppliers for the project, once it moves into the relevant phase.

  • JNE&LC - Project Consultancy
  • JNE&LC - Project Consultancy