The New ZIERER Advanced Dark Ride Concept

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When it comes to a family rollercoaster and fun rides, it is no doubt the name Zierer would come across your mind. But do you know that Zierer produces amazing Dark Rides too?

Ghosbusters themed vehicle in Heide Theme Park, Germany

Launched in 2017, the first ZIERER dark ride was delivered to Heide Park Resort in Germany for the Ghostbusters theme. This interactive dark ride features a 5D family experience and is equipped with a laser pistol and 3D glasses. 

ZIERER is a German manufacturer known for family rides, roller coasters, and now also dark rides. For many years the name ZIERER has been standing worldwide for high-quality manufacture, low maintenance requirements, and excellent customer support.

ZIERER’s new Advanced Dark Ride System presents a rail-guided vehicle and track system with very dynamic movements in five directions. The car can pitch, yaw 360° and roll, and combined with relative movement of the track chassis in the track direction, it can also simulate forwards and backward motion for a total of 5 DOF (Degrees of Freedom). This allows for an exhilarating guest experience in which digital content and vehicle movement can be precisely synchronized for unparalleled immersion.

Making the most of some downtime during the recent pandemic, ZIERER partnered up with Amsterdam based Leisure Expert Group (LEG) to expand the portfolio and created three Dark Ride layouts suitable for small, medium, and large venues. Each layout can adapt one of six different themes that LEG has developed as independent intellectual property. This way, the client has a complete package to choose from, if required full turn-key, and allows a quicker turnaround time as well as a much less complicated process. It is also important to point out that ZIERER and LEG are offering this range on a non-exclusive basis so the client can easily choose their media, design and possibly also preferred (sub)contractors that can be integrated into these any of the three layouts, or a bespoke layout should building and/or capacity requirements dictate so.

A rendition of Dino Scan layout

The small and medium layouts were created for parks that don’t require or have available big spaces. For the small layout, the whole ride can fit into 400m2, it has one large screen, a rotating set and four scenes, and the ride duration is just over four minutes. This setup has a capacity of 100 people per hour. The two themes that were created to show the small layout are Cretar and Farmfrenzy.

The medium layout requires a space of approx. 800m2, it has five screens and five scenes, and the ride duration comes to around 3.5 minutes. The medium layout has a capacity of 400 people per hour, and this layout contains four vehicles compare to a small layout that operates with one vehicle. The guests can enjoy for example Musical Festival or Dino scan themes on this dark ride experience, as those are the story lines that have been developed for this size.

And if the park has an area of 2,000m2, the large layout can be operated with seven to nine vehicles and nine scenes and screens; the ride duration comes to three to four minutes (depending on number of vehicles), and the theoretical capacity reaches 960 people per hour. Merlin’s Quest and the Nordic legend Ragnarok are the themes developed for this largest format. It is important to note that each theme can be selected for each layout, and that the suggested theme-layout combinations are only a sample.

Examples of small, medium and large layout

Dark rides are an increasing popular experience, and many parks are looking to have one. Sometimes there is the misconception that these projects can be too complex to realize, or require too much space, so ZIERER and LEG have created examples of how a small layout of a dark ride experience is possible to develop and can be loved and enjoyed by the whole family at the attraction that you have.

For further information contact JNELC  – ZIERER’s sales agent in the UK at , you can download digital brochure below here.

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