Sales Consultancy.
Suppliers to the theme park industry looking for representation in a specific market can call upon JNELC to be their sales agent, when the products or services do not compete with the existing clients of the company. The main focus is on Europe, Asia and the Middle East are areas of experience and expertise for the company.
Project Consultancy.
With an extensive knowledge on the development of projects in a variety of cultures and circumstances, especially in the initial stages of a new project, JNELC can assist in guiding a project through these first steps.

With the help of specially developed tools, such as a Preliminary Feasibility Study model, a project could be quickly defined and given a first, rough shape. This can then be a tool in the further development of the project, if necessary with the aid of further specialists for certain specific tasks.

JNELC can also be helpful in the selection of these specialists as well as the further selection of qualified suppliers for the project, once it moves into the relevant phase.

When it comes to the implementation, the company can provide project management services to ensure a smooth execution from start to finish.

  • JNE&LC - Project Consultancy
  • JNE&LC - Project Consultancy